Finds dissolved oxygen concentration in equilibrium with water-saturated air.

oxySol(t, S, P = NULL)



temperature, degrees C


salinity, on the Practical Salinity Scale


pressure, atm


Dissolved oxygen concentration in mg/L at 100% saturation. If P = NULL, saturation values at 1 atm are calculated.


Calculations are based on the approach of Benson and Krause (1984), using Green and Carritt's (1967) equation for dependence of water vapor partial pressure on t and S. Equations are valid for temperature in the range 0-40 C and salinity in the range 0-40.


Benson, B.B. and Krause, D. (1984) The concentration and isotopic fractionation of oxygen dissolved in fresh-water and seawater in equilibrium with the atmosphere. Limnology and Oceanography 29, 620-632.

Green, E.J. and Carritt, D.E. (1967) New tables for oxygen saturation of seawater. Journal of Marine Research 25, 140-147.


Alan Jassby, James Cloern


# Convert DO into % saturation for 1-m depth at Station 32. # Use convention of expressing saturation at 1 atm. sfb1 <- subset(sfbay, depth == 1 & stn == 32) dox.pct <- with(sfb1, 100 * dox/oxySol(temp, sal)) summary(dox.pct)
#> Min. 1st Qu. Median Mean 3rd Qu. Max. NA's #> 71.78 87.04 91.90 94.90 97.27 170.83 115