wql 0.4.9 2017-07-04

  • Fork and rebrand wq to wql
  • Added roxygen documentation

wq 0.4.8 Unreleased

  • eof: Shift id to row name in output.
  • eofPlot: Fix for non-numeric row names in original data.
  • mannKen: Use different definition of relative sen slope.
  • pett: Add change.size. Get actual change.time for zoo objects.
  • phenoAmp: Change to more versatile output statistics. Change argument name.
  • phenoPhase: Change argument name.
  • seaKen: Use different definition of relative sen slope.
  • trendHomog: Ignore seasons with insufficient data.

wq 0.4.7 Unreleased

  • Add back html vignette.
  • Fix global variable notes.
  • eof: Calculation method changed.
  • eofNum: Remove ruleN-based colouring.
  • eofPlot: Remove Monte Carlo lines.
  • plotTsTile: Default to median instead of mean.
  • ruleN: Remove.

wq 0.4.6 Unreleased

  • decompTs: Remove startyr and endyr. Add median as default centering method.
  • mannKen: Remove “tau” argument. Use median instead of mean for relative. Add exact p-values. Allow matrix and data.frame. Change plot.
  • pett.R: Add new function with plot for Pettitt test.
  • plotTs: Remove plot.order argument. Improve legend.
  • plotTsAnom: Remove plot.order argument.
  • seaKen: Allow matrix and data.frame. Add plot.
  • seaRoll: Change arguments and plot.
  • seasonTrend: Change arguments. Remove ls trend method. Improve legend.

wq 0.4.5 Unreleased

  • eofPlot.R: Fix argument to geom_hline.

wq 0.4.4 Unreleased

  • wq-internal.R: Removed.
  • plot WqData-class: Added global variable definitions.

wq 0.4.3 Unreleased

  • ammFrac: Remove.
  • layOut: Remove.

wq 0.4-1 Unreleased

  • mannKen: Preserve station order in data matrix.
  • mannKen: Modify examples to be more useful.
  • NAMESPACE: Add importFrom(“methods”).
  • NAMESPACE: Remove all require(zoo) from functions.
  • plotSeason: Enable plotting by arbitrary eras.
  • plotSeason: Fixed error when num.era=1.
  • vignette: Remove unnecessary commands from preamble.
  • wqData: Require locus to be length 3.
  • WqData-class: Change tz=“UTC” default in as.Date for summary.

wq 0.3-11 Unreleased

  • [: method now exists for WqData objects.
  • plotTsTile: has additional options and a corrected help file.
  • subset, transform: no longer used within code.
  • wqData: handles collision between locus and wq variables with same name.
  • minor bug fixes.

wq 0.3-10 Unreleased

  • Vignette (re-)included.
  • Minor changes in plotting functions.

wq 0.3-8 Unreleased

  • Updated for ggplot2 0.9.2.

wq 0.3-7 Unreleased

  • Minor changes to manual.

wq 0.3-6 Unreleased

  • Minor changes to code, with no changes in behaviour.

wq 0.3-5 Unreleased

  • Addresses issues introduced with version 0.9 of ggplot2.
  • Uses reshape2 instead of reshape.
  • plotTsAnom and seasonTrend: minor plotting changes.

wq 0.3-4 Unreleased

  • date2decyear: Converts dates to numeric years.
  • interpTs: More options for replacing NAs.
  • plotTs: Time series line plot plus isolated points
  • plotTsAnom: Now works for matrix time series.
  • theme_wq: Simplified version of theme_grey in package “ggplot2”.
  • tsMake: No longer excruciatingly slow when layer = “max.depths”

wq 0.3-3 Unreleased

  • plotTsAnom: time series anomaly plot.
  • tsMake: Now aggregates depths (and days) by quantiles as well as means.
  • plotSeason: Fixed problem with missing data treatment.
  • tsSub: Fixed problem with incorrect starting month.

wq 0.3-1 Unreleased

  • plot method for class “WqData”: Boxplots instead of stripcharts. Also fixed behaviour when less than 10 unique variables.
  • plotSeason: Changed “by.month” option to standardized anomalies.
  • tsMake: Added option to create series for “bottom” of water column.
  • Version requirement is R 10.0.
  • Vignette file size fixed so it can be downloaded from HTML help.

wq 0.3 Unreleased

  • All plot functions now produce objects of class “ggplot”.
  • layOut: Lays out graphs of class ggplot.
  • mannKen: Added mts and plot options.
  • meanSub: Utility function to average subsets.
  • mts2ts: Prepare spatial time series for further analysis.
  • plotSeason: Added another way of plotting.
  • seaRoll: Plotting is an additional option.
  • trendHomog: Test for homogeneity of seasonal trends.
  • tsSub: Utility function to drop seasons in a ts.
  • plotEof: Changed to eofPlot.

wq 0.2-9 Unreleased

  • phenoPhase: Integration defaults can now be changed, if necessary.
  • plotSeason: Added smoother when type=‘by.month’.
  • seasonTrend: Changed appearance and some options.
  • plotSeason: Fixed problem when type=‘by.month’.
  • plotTsTile: Now plots correct colours when four=FALSE.
  • tsMake: Fixed problem when layer of class “numeric”.

wq 0.2-8 Unreleased

  • wqData: Changed “narrow” to “long”.
  • plotSeas: Changed to plotSeason.
  • ammFrac: New function for un-ionized ammonium.
  • plotSeason: Added option to plot individual months for entire record.
  • seasonTrend: New function for time series trends by season.
  • tsMake: Now allows for more ways of specifying depths.
  • mannKen, seaKen: Now gives correct sign when trend given as %.
  • phenoAmp: Fixed problem when subsetting months leaves no data for year.
  • phenoPhase: Fixed problem when subsetting months and x is a “zoo” object.
  • plotSeason: Now handles num = 1.
  • tsMake: Fixed problem when focus consisted of a single variable or site.

wq 0.2-5 Unreleased

  • interpTs: Option to fill with long-term mean or median.
  • plotSeas: Option to choose number of intervals.
  • WqData plot method: Option to choose variables.
  • phenoPhase: Fixed problem where max.time month number given relative to subset rather than whole year
  • plotTsTile: More useful error message when not enough data.
  • seaRoll: Fixed problem with frequencies other than 12.
  • tsMake: Remove need to specify layer if no depth info.
  • WqData subset method: Removed because of strategy that WqData objects should not be changed.
  • wqData: Argument value “narrow” changed to more conventional “long”.
  • wqData: Now requires time.format to be specified.
  • wqData: Now ensures variable is a factor when type = “long”.