R Docker tutorial

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A Docker tutorial for reproducible research.

This is an introduction to Docker designed for participants with knowledge about R and RStudio. The introduction is intended to be helping people who need Docker for a project. We first explain what Docker is and why it is useful. Then we go into the the details on how to use it for a reproducible transportable project.


  1. Lesson 01 What and Why
  2. Lesson 02 Launching Docker
  3. Lesson 03 Installing R packages
  4. Lesson 04 Pushing and Pulling with Docker Hub
  5. Lesson 05 Dockerfiles
  6. Lesson 06 Sharing your analysis

Before You Start

Try to install Docker before you come to the workshop, by following the instructions for mac, linux, or windows. If you get stuck, don't worry! We'll help you get set up at the beginning of the workshop.

This tutorial is work in progress. If you have any suggestions how we could make it better please open a new issue.