Curriculum Vitae

Joseph Stachelek


May 2012

: Masters of Marine Science

: - Department of Marine Science, University of Texas

: - Areas of emphasis: Wetland Ecology, Water Resources Management, and Environmental Monitoring

: - Thesis Topic: Using Emergent Wetland Plant Dynamics to Prescibe Freshwater Inflow Needs for Texas Estuaries (Advisor: Ken Dunton, Ph. D.)

May 2008 : Bachelor of Science : - University of Maine, Orono, ME : - Areas of emphasis: Ecology of the Rocky Intertidal Zone, Macroalgal Biodiversity : - Capstone project: (Advisor: Susan Brawley, Ph. D.)


May 2012 - Present : Staff Scientist, South Florida Water Management District, Everglades Systems Assessment, West Palm Beach, FL

Sep 2008 – May 2012 : Marine Science Master’s Research, University of Texas Marine Science Institute, Marine Botany Lab, Port Aransas, TX : - Researched the environmental and management controls on salt marsh vegetation by combining a synthesis of long term data with fine-scale porewater monitoring. Research products were included in the discussion of regional water resources management plans.

Research Products and Presentations

Peer Reviewed Articles : - Stachelek J., Madden, C.J. 2015. Application of Inverse Path Distance Weighting for high density spatial mapping of coastal water quality patterns. International Journal of Geographical Information Science.

: - Stachelek, J., Dunton K.H. 2013. Freshwater inflow requirements for the Nueces Delta, Texas: Spartina alterniflora as an indicator of ecosystem condition. Texas Water Journal. 4(2), 62-73.pdf

: - S.R. Park, Stachelek, J., Dunton, K.H. (submitted) Photosynthesis and drought resilience in three vascular plant species common to the western Gulf of Mexico. Estuaries and Coasts.

Thesis : - Stachelek, J. 2012. Freshwater inflows in the Nueces Delta, TX : impacts on porewater salinity and estimation of needs. Masters of Marine Science, University of Texas. link

Software : - Stachelek, J. 2014. ipdw: Interpolation by Inverse Path Distance Weighting. R package version 0.2. CRAN

Other Publications : - Stachelek J., S. Hall. 2008. Intertidal Flora of Acadia National Park. National Park Service/University of Maine. link.